Owl-inspired Acrylic Night Light

Light and art combined! This owl-inspired night light creates an optical 3D illusion bound to dazzle and impress your eyes.

It is made up of a thin, acrylic glass sheet that's completely flat combined with fibers of natural materials produced by artisans. This is perfect as a light source and display in your bedroom, living room, or office.

It has 7 different colors, 3 working modes, and a timer function.
7 Colors: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple and white
3 Working Modes: Static, Fade (gradual color change), and Jump (faster color change)


Bulb Type: LED
Assembly Size: 4.5 x 0.2 x 9.5 inches
Material: acrylic panel and plastic

The package includes:

  • Acrylic plate - owl design
  • Plastic base
  • USB cable
  • Remote control
  • User manual

To secure the quality of our product, the acrylic plate has a protective film on both sides. Please remove it before use. When using the remote, point it to the receiver of the base.

Type: Devices

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